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My son, Zachery Michael  DEHN, passed away from a heroin overdose on March 15th, 2015. He will be forever 25. This organization  is dedicated to him and to all that have and may join him. 

Our Mission:

To educate the community on the harsh realities of drug use and overdose deaths

Our Vision:

To help those who cannot help themselves

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Dehno is an organization that sets out to help prevent an event that affects far too many people. Narcotic abuse has been rising at an alarming rate, more than doubling in the past decade. Heroin has been hitting the streets in more mass volume, at a cheap rate and prescription opiates are easy to find, the chance that you are somehow affected by this epidemic is far too high. Overdoses continue to surpass car crashes as the leading cause of accidental deaths. About 44,000 people die each year.

One person dies about every 10 minutes from  an overdose.

We believe that, while the support out there for this problem is growing, it hasn’t grown enough and the community isn’t as informed in the issue as it should be. Heroin has taken from all of us involved, and we will stop at nothing to help make sure you, and the rest of the community never has to experience the loss of a loved one to overdose.

This ribbon is hope. This ribbon means life. It is the National Overdose Awareness ribbon. We wear this ribbon proudly in support of the movement to prevent any more of our nations children being lost to overdose. We hope you adopt this ribbon into your homes and help us spread through the community and inject knowledge into you. Knowledge is indeed power, and together we have the power to enact change.